Corporate Travel-Inner Mongolia Travel


Corporate Travel-Inner Mongolia Travel

In order to relieve work pressure and improve team cohesion, the company went to Inner Mongolia for team building activities during the May 1st holiday in 2019, allowing everyone to feel the charm of nature, relax and release themselves.

During this trip to Inner Mongolia, we saw the boundless prairie, where cattle and sheep flocked on the grass, and the horses ran fast on the grass, one faster than one. I have experienced that all Mongolians are equipped with unique skills and gallop on horseback. We also made a grass coaster, and the car ran on the grassland, just like cows and sheep on the grassland. We eat Mongolian food in the yurt, steak, lamb chops... let us feast on our tastes. Finally, we ended our journey with the beautiful singing and superb voice of the Mongols.

Although the activity time is only a few days, but through this activity, the distance between the employees has been shortened, the friendship between the employees has been deepened, and the cohesion of the team has been improved. Better relax, let employees fully realize the richness of corporate culture and find a sense of belonging, so that employees can devote more passion to their work in the second half of the year.

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